The Best One Cup Coffee Maker – So Many To Choose From!


What is so good about a one cup coffee maker? They are versatile, high quality coffee makers which give you the option to brew anything from coffee to tea and hot chocolate or anything in between.

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The quality of coffee that is produced is also very good and equally as vital is the fact that the coffee is consistently good because most of the coffee brewing process is automated meaning that the amounts of coffee ground and water used are the same each and every time.

The brew time itself is also very short and there is minimal mess to clean up afterwards which a lot of time-conscious people will appreciate.

Keurig coffee machines also offer the use of their K-cup system which utilizes over 200 varieties of ground coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The use of the pods is as easy as inserting them into a Keurig machine and pressing the brew button.

The best one cup coffee makers

Everyone will have their own opinion on what they consider to be the best, but the general consensus amongst coffee enthusiasts is that you can’t go wrong with KeurigTassimo or Senseo units (in that order of popularity).

Why are Keurig so popular? Many people attribute their success as a coffee machine of choice to the fact that they offer extreme variety in the form of K-cups which are actually from a vast range of recognized coffee brands.

This is is direct contrast to some other manufacturers who only offer an in-house pod system where the coffee is limited to their particular brand. As far as I’m concerned, the coffee machine itself can be the most reliable machine in the world but if I am going to be limited as to what coffee I can actually drink then I will look elsewhere. This is the main contributing factor which leaves me coming back to Keurig one cup coffee makers every time.

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Tassimo single cup coffee makers

Tassimo are a highly respected coffee company that originated in France and they are similar to Keurig in a sense that they use their own pod system – this time they are called T-discs.

The unique thing about their system is that each T-disc has an individual barcode printed onto it and this tells the coffee machine which drink to make by instructing it to use specific amounts of coffee and water and of course differing brew times.

If you see that the German engineering company Bosch are used interchangeably with Tassimo, it is because Bosch actually manufacture the units for them. One of their most popular coffee makers is the
Bosch Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Brewers which is well worth checking out if you are the market for a one cup coffee maker.

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