Jura Ena 5 Espresso Machine – Fully Automatic But With Plenty Of Room For Customization


The Jura Ena 5 is a one touch solution when you want it to be but the coffee making process can easily be tailored to your individual needs if required. Buy this awesome machine today!

The Jura ENA5 is a fully automatic coffee machine that allows you to enjoy genuine crema coffee, espresso and cappuccino whenever you want from the convenience of your own home.

It will grind, tamp and brew the coffee in under 60 seconds and all it takes from the user is the single push of a button.

The burr grinder offers 5 fineness settings to suit all tastes, and there is also a special pre-ground coffee funnel which is perfect for those of us who like to enjoy a decaf after the evening meal or late at night.

Jura Ena 5 review – fully programmable and customizable

You can alter the strength of the coffee as well as the temperature and amount used – you can select anywhere between 1 and 16 ounces to be precise.

Furthermore, you can easily override all of the predetermined settings by just using the rotary dial for each cup (note: overriding the system will not affect the original settings in any way, and you can easily revert to them at any time).

There are also two frothing options at your disposal – the dual frother and the patented Jura-Capresso frothXpress system which will automatically steam or froth the milk directly into your cup.

Key facts and features

  • 18 bars of pressure – 2 more than most similar high-end DeLonghi coffee machines
  • stainless steel lined thermoblock to minimize waiting time between brewing and steaming
  • environmentally friendly and easy on your wallet – this unit will not use any power whatsoever when turned off in standby mode
  • three color LCD display
  • removable 37 ounce water tank, 7 ounce bean container
  • coffee spout that is height adjustable rotates and can prepare 2 coffees at once
  • there is an automatic cleaning cycle included with this automatic machine, but it’s the best point is the Clearyl water filtration system which eliminates the need for decalcification
  • three color choices are usually available: Coffee Cherry Red, Ristretto Black, and Blossom White
  • 17 x 9 x 14 inches

Jura Ena 5 – what people like and don’t like

As with all higher end coffee machines, the quality of the coffee and espresso is of a high standard. However, most will agree that it will never quite reach the heights of a manual machine. That’s not to say that you can’t get close with the right settings and decent beans though.

The frothXpress system is good if you are going to be making multiple drinks and admittedly it does looks better as the default wand on the machine. With that said, the standard traditional dual frother is probably more ideal if you are just going to make one cup of coffee – simply because you have more control over the basics like temperature and the froth itself.

While we are on the subject of frothing, please make sure that you rinse them out after every application. Otherwise you run the risk of milk hardening within the system and causing a steam explosion.

I have noticed that some people are blaming the above on the machine when in actuality it is user error and nothing to do with the machine at all.

All in all this machine is relatively easy to use and understand, and everything is spelled out clearly and concisely.  You are never going to run out of beans or water mid-process, and you will always know when to clean because it is spelled out on the screen in front of you.

A few minor issues that must be addressed:

The temperature of the coffee produced can be prone to be inconsistent. Some have reported that the second cup is always hotter than the first. A handy piece of advice is to pre-warm the cups with hot water; this does help a lot.

Water filters can be expensive at around 20 dollars every 2 months.  I’d only be inclined to use filters if the water in your area is especially hard or if you feel the need to have filtered water and either don’t want to or can’t be bothered descaling the machine.


While the Jura Ena 5 is not the most expensive super automatic coffee machine that Jura-Capresso has to offer, its coffee if used correctly is just as good.

Of course for the lower price and saving of over a thousand dollars over the higher end models, you have to be willing to make a few small sacrifices. Namely, the small water and bean reservoirs and lack of detailed and organized instructions in the booklet.

Just remember to rigorously and fastidiously clean out the frothing units and also get some coffee cleaning wipes and learn how to remove the tray to be able to get your hand up inside and clean the bottom of the ground press part of the brew unit. Do this about once a week and clean rinse the frothing units daily and you give your coffee machine the best chance to impress.

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